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This video features another version of preparing Beef with Broccoli. This is a delicious Asian dish that is best eaten with fried rice. Yang Chow Fried Rice is my recommendation ( Aside from fried rice, Beef with broccoli also goes well with plain white steamed rice.

This beef with broccoli version is a variation of the original Chinese recipe. The manner of preparation might be a bit different but the final result is a delicious dish that you will surely like.

Here is what beef with broccoli is called in other countries: 肉西兰花, boeuf aux brocolis, Rindfleisch mit Brokkoli, βόειο κρέας με μπρόκολο, daging sapi dengan brokoli, mairteola le brocailí, manzo con broccoli, biff med brokkoli, nötkött med broccoli, говядина с брокколи, thịt bò với bông cải xanh