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Chicken Adobo is probably one of the most popular Filipino foods. Chicken adobo refers to chicken pieces cooked inadobo style. This means that the chicken is stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and whole peppercorns. Adobo is a common and popular Filipino dish. It has been famous because during the old days where there is no freezer or refrigerator yet, people try to preserve their food as long as possible. Cooking food with vinegar makes it last longer – just like what we are doing with this delicious chicken adobo recipe.

There are also other adobo versions aside from the traditional adobo style. Adobo sa puti, adobong dilaw, and adobong tuyo are just some of these. Some adobo dishes also include hard boiled eggs. wholesale nhl jerseys

Chicken adobo is also known in other countries as: hoender adobo, pulë adobo, հավ adobo, cücə adobo, oilaskoa adobo, курыца adobo, মুরগির মাংস adobo, adobong manok, 鸡 adobo, kana adobo, poulet adobo, huhn adobo, मुर्गा adobo, ayam ayam adobo, pollo adobo, チキンadobo, cheap ugg outlet kurczak adobo, frango adobo, курица adobo, kyckling adobo, курка adobo, and gà adobo.

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