Creamy Easy Chicken Ala King

In this video, I make an incredibly easy chicken ala king. It’s a really simple dish and goes great with some pasta, it’s also perfect on its own.

There are a ton of different things you can cook up for this dish. For example, you can cook up some rice, pasta, or some egg noodles. Simply mix whatever you cook up through the sauce at the end.

If you need a full list of ingredients for this recipe, then you can find it right below.

• 3 Tbsp. butter
• 3 Tbsp. cornflour
• 1 onion, diced
• 5 Button Mushrooms Sliced
• 1 red bell pepper, diced
• 1/2 Cup frozen peas
• 2 cups of leftover chicken (Shredded or cut into chunks)
• 2 Cups chicken broth
• ½ cup Cream

If the cornstarch doesn’t contain any gluten, then this can be served to anyone who is on a gluten free diet. Just make sure any extras that you cook up with it are also gluten free (eg. The pasta).

If you find yourself without any leftover chicken, then you can simply add some raw chicken to the dish instead. Make sure you fry this off at the start with the onion to avoid having undercooked chicken.

You’re able to swap or remove some of the ingredients in this dish. For example, the bell pepper can be left out and the button mushrooms can be switched to canned mushrooms. This makes the dish a lot easier but might detract from the overall flavor and texture.

The sauce may be a bit too thick for your liking, if this is the case simply thin it out by adding some cream. Simply add enough cream until it is runny enough for your liking.

I really hope that you do enjoy this amazingly easy chicken ala king.

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