Crocodile Sisig at Bom Bom Bar Station 2 Boracay Island. If you are looking to try an exotic dish in Boracay, you have to drop by Bom Bom Bar along the Station 2 beach front for their specialty Crocodile Sisig. Bom Bom is a carribean themed bar that has live reggae music at night. Local crocodiles are farmed for their leather in Davao and their meat has become a local delicacy. Crocodile meat is leaner and higher in protein than chicken, a healthier alternative compared to another local delicacy – pork sisig which uses pig skin and face.

The texture of crocodile is a mix of tuna and chicken nothing too wild, an enjoyable dish with your beer! 🙂

Bom Bom Bar
White Beach Station 2 Boracay Island

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