Chef Rafi returns to the Philippines to introduce you to the most AMAZING root crop, purple UBE. Ube is commonly used in Filipino cooking to create the colorful purple desserts that look as if they were created with food coloring overload. However, NO FOOD COLORING is used in this dish – this is the real color of ube. Learn the traditional and modern way to make this dessert, how to prepare the fresh root crop, and then learn some useful proverbs in Rinconada Bikol. Filmed in Rinconada Bikol and English under the narration of Arvi Verona.

Some Bikolano proverbs you will learn (in the Bula dialect of Rinconada)

A na maluway na ngangabilon, nakakalumok sa pusong makusa.
A na deri nagtotobad sa gurang, maraut a na masabatan.
A diri tataong magsilong sa pinanggalinan, diri makaabot sa paiiyanan.


Shopping list for this recipe:

1 lb boiled purple yam, chopped or mashed (ube)
14 ounces condensed milk (about 1 can) (condensed na gatas)
1 can coconut milk (gutâ)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract (banilya)
¼ cup butter (mantikilya)
2 tbsp sugar (asukar)


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