In this episode, Chef Rafi teaches us how to make a delicious fusion dessert he created from two classic cuisines: Indian and Filipino, mixing Indian ladoo (coconut balls) with Philippine bukayo (flattened caramelized coconut). The results are fantastic! The dish can pass for Filipino except for a slight hint of cardamom to make the fusion complete. We filmed this video in various exotic locations and in the Isinay language of Dupax del Sur, Luzon Island, Philippines. Watch this video to learn how to cook Bukayo and learn some Isinay proverbs!

Special thanks to Joe Marc Pineda Cia for the Isinay language help.

Music Credits:
Nagimaskan Mayyang (Ilocano Folk Song) – Chef Rafi and Friends
Dandansoy (Visayan Folk Song) – Chef Rafi and Friends
Pyro Flow (Kevin MacLeod);