Hi everyone.. I’m glad to show you how to make Vegetarian Takoyaki. They are really delicious and I want to share it with you.

Used to have it before I’m a vegetarian and decided to make it this time round hoping that more people will benefit from it. 

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So let’s get started!
Ingredients for Vegetarian Takoyaki Balls. – serve up to 35 takoyaki balls
*For the Flour mixture:
1. 150g plain flour
2. 500ml of water
3. One Egg – Optional
4. ½ teaspoon salt for taste

Mixed and whisk well and ensure no clumps in the mixture.

* Main ingredients as fillings for the takoyaki balls. You may change the ingredients if you want to.
1. Chopped carrots – amount up to you
2. Chopped cabbage – amount up to you
3. Chopped Vegetarian Prawns – 7 medium vegetarian prawns
4. Chopped Vegetarian Ham – 1 slice chopped

* Tools you need

1. Takoyaki Pan
2. Takoyaki Stick or wooden long stick
3. Oil Brush
4. Sauce container

* Garnish and sauce for Takoyaki
1. Dried Lettuce Powder
2. Mayonnaise
3. Takoyaki sauce

* Vegetarian Takoyaki sauce
1. 300ml of water
2. Vegetarian Oyster Sauce – 5 tablespoon
3. Light soya sauce – 1 tablespoon
4. Sugar -½ table spoon
5. Optional: 1 teaspoon of dark soya sauce to darken the sauce if colour is too light brown
6. Mixed 2 tablespoon of corn starch powder with 30 to 40 ml of water – act as thickener

+ Heat up a sauce pan and pour in the water.
+ Pour in the other condiments for the Takoyaki sauce. When the sauce is boiling, slowly pour in the corn starch and stir slowly.

How to make the Takoyaki balls?

1. Heat up the takoyaki pan and oil it well.
2. Test if the pan is hot enough to cook by dripping some flour mixture in.
3. Slowly pour in the flour mixture into the holes and let some overflow out. Let it cook under low to medium heat. If the skin of the Takoyaki balls are slight brown, turn the takoyaki ball side way up at 90 degree and tuck the overflow flour mixture into the desired holes so that it is a fuller round shape.
4. Keep turning the takoyaki balls to prevent it from getting burnt and cook till golden brown.
5. Use a stick to poke through the tako balls to check if the tako balls are fully cook. Once reasy, serve the tako balls on a plate.
6. Put the Vegetarian Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise on the tako balls and garnish the top with dried lettuce powder.
7. Tadah~ Now you are done!