How-to-make adobong baboy (pork adobo)

Adobo is the most popular Filipino cuisine internationally. This is the Pinoy recipe that people around the world mostly appreciate, pork can be substituted with chicken or a combination of pork and chicken.


What is Adobo?

The classic Filipino dish consist of 3 basic ingredients, vinegar, soy sauce and garlic.  Taken from the spanish word “adobo meaning sauce or marinade. Now surprisingly there are so many ways to make this dish with everyones own added ingredients or meats and combination meats.  Weather its chicken, pork ( also called adobong baboy), beef, tuna, lobsters, crabs, adobo sauce works almost with any meat even octopus. Fusion Adobo has been gaining popularity over the past years and expect to see this dish in some of the famous culinary fusion restaurants. has 100s of adobo recipes videos to try out.

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