Best Filipino Dishes

Is the sweltering heat not your cup of tea?
Are you sweating just like never previously?

If Yes, subsequently anyone need a pause
. . . the best COLD BREAK!

Filipino food’s adaptability is unparalled
It caters to every craving for food. . . hot or cool!

Do you desire it fresh and sweet?
The COCONUT JUICE is for you.

Are you adventurous?
Try out the HALO-HALO on a sun-drenched day!

Roaming the streets using simply an umbrella?
Take a glass of SAGO’T GULAMAN.

Early morning sweat making you itch?
Take up and be strong with TAHO!

Do you desire for delicious fruitjuice?
We have actually almost everything from larger and small

You really want it iced and flavored?
Try the many styles and flavors of ICE CANDY.

Filipino food
. . . your own delightful haven on earth.

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