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Camote tops salad (talbos ng camote)
• 1 bunch of camote tops
• 1 med. Onions, minced
• 2 med. Tomatoes diced
• 2tbspns ginger minced
• 1 cup of vinegar
• 3tsps lemon
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Water for blanching
1. Wash the camote tops and removed the stems. Place it in a colander.
2. Place your water in a pot and let it boil. Then pour your hot water over the camote tops and run it with the tap water after; in this way the leaves won’t be over cook. Let it drain.
3. In a bowl mix the remaining ingredients.
4. Serve it with your fried dish
• You can use any kind of vinegar
• You can always adjust the ingredients according to your taste
• You can place it in the fridge before serving