HOW TO MAKE QUICK EASY FILIPINO BACON (TOCINO) at HOME. Tocino, sinangag, itlog or TOSILOG If this is your breakfast, you will most probably have a great day ahead! Get the ingredients and full recipe here

Who can resist that red pork, right? Although a really yummy treat, tocino presents a lot of chemicals that healthy eaters are turned off. In this Maputing Cooking episode, Chris Urbano will show you how to cook homemade tocino the healthy way! No nitrates, preservatives and other chemicals, just the freshest ingredients, and better flavor! By making your own tocino at home, you get to control the taste and even select what meat to use. Yum!

Let Chris Urbano teach you how to enjoy your morning Tosilog the healthier way!

Try it out and let us know what you think! Leave a comment below!

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