A firm favourite in our kitchen, it does take a while but it is for sure worth it. Step 1 we make the white sauce or béchamel, we are keeping this simple with butter, flour, milk and a little nutmeg. Step 2 the meat sauce argue, minced beef (some people use a mix of beef and pork and use a little bacon), onions garlic celery (add carrots if you like), tomatoes oregano. The pasta we are using is a no pre cook pasta sheets, these we find so easy to use and for us cuts the cooking time down. Nice layers of each with parmesan and mozzarella cheese in the mix then pop it in the oven until golden brown. Served with a nice green salad is good.

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Food from the Med include Italian, Spanish, Greek and from Portugal. It also include many of the smaller island countries such as Malta. This huge region of cooking is diverse and even covers many Arabic influences due to historical events. So it is not just pasta, pizza,tortilla or hummus. As rich as the day is long let us see how many wonderful dishes we can serve up for you.