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Pancit is a recipe for noodles that come in Chinese. Is it different from other noodle recipes because of the sauce that gives it a unique flavor. A bright orange sauce scented shrimp thick used to cover thin rice noodles. It is ideal for snacks and usually prepared for the parties. You may think Pancit Molo is a recipe for a term of Pancit recipe noodles. But in reality, none of noodles used to prepare this dish. Instead of noodles, molo containers, siomai or wonton are used to indicate fillings usually include meat, shrimp, carrots and other similar charges used Lumpia Shanghai plant. Another distinction of Pancit Molo regular recipe is that it is not dry, but served with the broth. Pancit is a delight as smacking delicious and lips that will surely love. Filipinos love to eat and, like other Asian countries, rice is the staple food and is served with most meals. Filipinos usually eat three main meals a day, plus morning tea and afternoon snack is called literally “tea”. However, these “snacks” are often so abundant that the main meal.