Found philippines street food vendors on Nueno Street in Imus Cavite, Philippines and they are selling Calamares, Kwekkwek (Orange Egg), Bopis (Fried and Diced Pork Lungs and Heart), Balut (Duck Embryo), Mani (Fried Peanuts) and Buko Juice (Coconut Juice).

The preparation of the street food are somewhat non-hygenic and its literally on the street where the cars and vehicles pass but thats what makes it more delicious and an interesting experience.

00:40 Calamares and Kwekkwek
03:30 Mani (Fried Peanuts)
04:30 Bopis (Fried and Diced Pork Lungs and Heart)
08:05 Buko Juice
08:53 Balut (Duck Embryo)

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