Pinaupong Manok – Filipino Sitting Chicken
This recipe for chicken called Pinaupong Manok, because the chicken is sitting on a bed of rock salt.
No liquid need to be added: The chicken cooks only in the steam of the water content of
his own and from the water content of the salt, this is the reason the chicken becomes
from the rock salt a special natural taste.
Ingredients for one of the best Filipino chicken recipes: chicken, garlic, onions, ginger, bay leaves, pimento (peppercorns), rock salt, vegetable oil.

Originally this video was not meant as a guide for cooking a recipe.
The parents were only proud of her little girl which is so committed to help cooking and
make many thing like her own.
And they only wanted to show the relatives and friends from Pampanga and from anywhere
in the world, that they still love the traditional dishes from the Philippines and maintain
this with her children, even though they are not growing up in the Philippines.

This clip was made in memory to “Mama Ting” from Santa Ana / Pampanga.
The grandma of the little girl. The girl saw a old picture of a sitting chicken cooked by Mama Ting and ask us “how can i cook chicken” like Lola?

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